Majorkinis: More than 10,000 cases in January


Professor-epidemiologist Gikas Majorkinis spoke about the vertical increase of cases after the holidays due to the Omicron variant, speaking on SKAI TV and the show “Simera”.

“It is quite possible that we will reach 10 thousand or even 12 thousand cases, but this number should not scare us,” the professor said characteristically and explained, for Omicron, that it is a rather contagious strain that gives symptoms of a common cold. , “always based on what is reported” he added.

He rang the alarm bell for the unvaccinated people and called on them to be vaccinated as Omicron will not be mild for them as he said: consider the Micron to be mild for them. “

Alongside. “Additional measures may be taken after the New Year and the Commission will discuss them on 27 December:” The measures are commensurate with the pressure on the health system. It has been announced that from January 3 there may be different measures, the Committee of Experts will meet on Monday.The pressure from Omicron seems to be less compared to other executives.But we can rule out restrictive measures such as closing stores earlier in the year focus”.

Regarding schools, he stated that one of the most dynamic monitoring systems is applied in our country and stressed that there are not many countries with such intense testing. He pointed out that at this stage we are at a very high level of protection, however the issue of schools underlined that it will be discussed again.

Finally, he stated that it is too early to discuss the administration of a 4th dose in our country, as in this phase the 3rd dose is more than enough.

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