New measures: Fines for masks, distances and certificates


Bitter a fine of 300 euros one has to pay for not using the protective mask according to what is mentioned in the new JMC.

Specifically, to natural persons who do not comply with the obligation to use a maskthe distance keeping rules, as well as the other rules, are imposed for each violation, with a reasoned act of the competent authority, administrative fine 300 euros.

Specifically in the case of health stores, an administrative fine of 300 euros is imposed on the company / legal entity for any violation of the obligation to use the mask of the employees, with a reasoned act of the competent authority.

In case non-matching of the details of the natural person in the displayed vaccination or disease certificate with the proof of identity, an administrative fine is imposed on the natural person, with a reasoned act of the competent authority 3,000 euros and to the company / legal entity five thousand 5,000 euros and suspension of operation for 15 calendar days.

In case of presence in a pure area of ​​a person who does not show a certificate of vaccination or disease, in addition to other sanctions, the control body proceeds to remove the person from the premises.

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