US: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin Welcomes Republicans


Republicans are trying to reach out to Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin as he faces backlash from his own party over his opposition to the big social bill (Build Back Better – BBB), according to the online political newspaper The Hill.

Republican senators, most of whom are pro-Manschins, make it clear that the moderate Democrat senator is welcome in his parliamentary group, which he believes can be comfortable with, given the political influence of the Republican Party. in West Virginia, where Manchin is elected.

For his part, Mancin has not given any indication that he will turn to the Republican Party, but Republicans know that if they succeed in attracting him, he will secure a marginal majority in the Senate, dealing a major political blow to Democratic President Joe Biden. , but also in promoting its internal agenda.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is leading a public campaign to make it clear that Manchin has a seat on the Republican Senate if he so wishes.

“He (Manchin) feels left alone. “If he is going to come with us, he will be among many fellow senators who share the same views on a wide range of issues,” McConnell told conservative radio producer Hugh Hewitt this week.

Cultivating the debate, McConnell’s associates were able to convey the message loudly, from his statements to The New York Times, where he stated that the Republicans “would like to have Mancin in our parliamentary group.”

McConnell is not alone in his positive approach to Mancin.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said in an interview with Fox News that Republicans “will welcome Manchin with open arms,” ​​while Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said in a conservative speech that week. that he recently approached Manchin on the issue of critical – electoral – states, telling him “look, you really like one of the two parties.”

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