Turkey: Akar talks about problems with Greece


“They are trying to gain an advantage over Turkey by equipping themselves with the encouragement and challenge of some countries. “This is a futile effort,” said TYPAM Hulusi Akar, referring to Hellas. Akar, along with the Chief of General Staff, the Commander of the Land Forces, the Commander of the Navy, the Commander of the Air Force and the Undersecretaries of National Defense, took part in the “Success Awards” ceremony.

In his speech, Akar stressed that the Turkish Armed Forces are going through the period with the most intense activity in the history of the Republic of Turkey, “companies, as well as in the Blue Homeland, in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean and in our airspace”, he said. “All our personnel who contribute to the efficiency, deterrence and prestige of the Turkish Armed Forces make us proud,” Akar said, adding that both the region and the world are going through a sensitive period and that uncertainty and danger threaten the whole the area.

“As the Turkish Armed Forces, our duty is to ensure the security and defense of our country and our nation, to maintain our sovereignty, independence and survival on land, at sea and in the air, and to carry out our duties with determination.” , he said.

Referring to recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, as well as other defense and security issues, Akar said: “We have problems with Greece in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. What we are saying against all these problems is: International law is good. Unfortunately, some politicians in Greece continue their extremely aggressive actions and rhetoric on this issue. “They want to present Turkey as expansive with extremely artificial claims.”

Noting that Greece equipped the islands in violation of international agreements, Akar said:

“There is the island of Meis (Kastelorizo), 1950 meters from Turkey. The swimming level of a student of the Military Academy is 2 thousand meters. So go swimming. It is an island of 10 square kilometers. They want a maritime jurisdiction of 40 thousand square kilometers. When we say “no” to it, we become “expansive.” We expect them to realize that they will not get anywhere with these actions and rhetoric. We are waiting for them to come to Ankara for the fourth meeting. We want the people of the two countries to continue their lives in security and prosperity, taking advantage of this existing wealth. But we expect them to realize that these statements are never a weakness. “

Referring to the recent armaments activities in Greece, Akar said: “This is not an armaments race, it is an armaments demonstration. By encouraging and challenging some countries, they are trying to gain an advantage over Turkey by arming themselves. This is a futile endeavor. Also, despite being allies in NATO, they are trying to do something with new alliances. We say that all this is artificial. As a result, whatever they do, the State of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces are determined and capable of protecting and defending the rights and interests of our country and nation. We want everyone to know that. “

In addition, Chief of General Staff General Yasser Guler also expressed his pleasure to meet with successful staff in this important activity. Stating that the Turkish Armed Forces continue the fight against terrorists with great determination for the security of the homeland of the flag and the peace of the noble nation, General Güler said: “Despite the difficulties created by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the TED companies are successful with the sacrifices of our heroic staff, who work with zeal and dedication in the Blue Homeland, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and in our airspace.

Response: Ariana Ferentinou, Istanbul


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