At 25 billion euros the country’s debt needs in 2022 – The “green” bond is coming


In The country’s borrowing needs in 2022 are estimated at 24.8 billion euros, which will be half covered by loans from the international financial markets, while the remaining amount will be raised from other sources such as RFF, CEB (Reconstruction Fund and Development Bank) as well as profit returns from Greek bonds.

As announced by Public Debt Management Organization, after the middle of next year, the first “green bond” will be released.

The Agency, in 2022, will focus on having a continuous presence in the international debt markets and reducing the debt / GDP ratio with active management, while preserving the large capital cushion.

According to the planning announced, the loan needs amount to 24.8 billion euros. They concern bond repayments (8 billion), interest (4.7 billion), deficit financing (2.7 billion), early repayments (interest, IMF debts and bilateral loans of 5.2 billion) and other liabilities ( 4.3 billion).

The financing in addition to the 12 billion that will be obtained from the markets will come from other sources, such as RFF, CEB, amounting to 4.2 billion, returns on profits from Greek bonds (ANFA) 1.3 billion euros, revenues privatizations of 0.7 billion euros, while the funds available in the “cushion” will be reduced by 6.6 billion euros.

Reportage: Costas Tsavalos

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