Omicron Mutation: Nearly 1 million Britons in isolation at Christmas


Its spread is sweeping Omicron mutation in Britain. Almost 900,000 people will spend Christmas day in isolation as they get sick.

In London one in 20 people tested positive for the virus last week while an estimated 1.7 million people in the UK fell ill in the week ended December 19, the highest number since the pandemic began.

THE Omicron mutation may be less likely to lead to serious illness than the Delta variant, a senior health official at the BCC said, at 70%. Nevertheless the prospect of a fourth dose of vaccine is not ruled out as the protection offered by the booster dose is gradually reduced after three months

The same time, Boris Johnson says he may request a new sitting of Parliament next week to take action if necessary. Britain is trying to win the battle against Omicron by stepping up vaccination. The data show that the United Kingdom overtook Israel in the race to become the most strengthened nation in the world with 45.2%.

The rapid spread of Omicron has undoubtedly frightened the British. It is indicative that the roads in London remain deserted, even in the Soho area which next year would be full of life. Cancellations of reservations in the restaurant area reach 14% until December 20 35,000 British retailers and 20,000 bars and restaurants face significant financial hardship, according to the latest data.

Source: ERT / Correspondence from London: Anastasia Kantzavelou

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