Increase of ‘Micron in the sewage of Thessaloniki


The increasing presence of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron strain in its community Thessaloniki confirm the latest daily measurements in the city municipal waste, for the research carried out by the Epidemiology Team Sewage of AUTH with EYATH, in collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia and within the National Network of EODY.

From December 19, when the Omicron strain was first detected by the AUTh in the sewage, until December 22, there is already an increase in the concentration of the highly contagious strain, while at the same time in the five most recent daily measurements there are signs of an upward trend in the total viral concentration. cargo of SARS-CoV-2.

As shown in the diagrams presented by APE-MPE, after three weeks the mild de-escalation of the viral load, which had lasted three weeks after the climax of the fourth wave on November 25, has been stopped.

Specifically, in the samples taken daily at the entrance of the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant, regarding the rationalized values ​​of relative viral load secretion, the average value of the two most recent measurements, ie Tuesday 21/12 and Wednesday 22/12 is:

Marginally stable (+ 16%) in relation to the average value of the two immediately preceding measurements of Sunday 19/12 and Monday 20/12.

-Fixed (-5%) in relation to the average price of the previous Tuesday 14/12 and Wednesday 15/12

“The slow de-escalation in the viral load of the sewage of the previous period seems to have stopped, while its prices are still at high levels and the hospitals of the city are full. Although within the limits of the determination uncertainty the average values ​​of the measurements already show an indication of an upward trend. “Given the presence of the Omicron executive and the increased mobility and sociability of Christmas, it is very likely that the virus will spread further in Thessaloniki”, said to APE-MPE the rector of AUTh and scientifically responsible for the research project, Professor Nikos .

“Pay special attention to contacts with people from vulnerable groups”

Asked if the spread of Omicron can be estimated at this stage, the rector of AUTh replied: prevail as a dominant executive. From Sunday, December 19, we observe a gradual increase of the Omicron load in the city sewage. By gathering the analyzes and from the sampling of the next days, we will be able to give evidence of safe quantification of his presence “.

Regarding the risk of an epidemiological outbreak on Christmas Day, Mr. Papaioannou pointed out: “Taking into account the epidemiological data for our city, as well as the international developments and updated instructions of the world organizations in the new scenario formed by the most important mutation, is for every citizen to realize the urgency of the situation and the need to protect the health system. Apart from mandatory public health protection measures, what has been announced as a strong recommendation should not be underestimated. The diagnostic test – the self-test or a rapid test – before the family reunions at home first and foremost will protect ourselves and our loved ones. And above all, let us all be very careful in our contacts with people who belong to vulnerable groups “.

The coronavirus assessment methodology in municipal waste, developed by the AUTh team, streamlines the measurements of the virus genome concentration based on 24 environmental factors, which may alter the results of the measurements.


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