Serres: Pretending to be an employee of HEDNO, he obtained 7,500 euros


Pretending τον employee of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ approached the Houses of five elderly women and with the pretext of alleged electrical failure managed to remove over 7,500 euros in cash and jewelry, as found by police officers of the Serres Security Sub-Directorate who investigated five cases of fraud and attempted fraud against the elderly.

The 26-year-old, who has been identified, acted last October, as revealed by the police investigation in the villages of Serres and Drama. In about a week he managed to reach the five women, aged 69 to 90 years. Under the pretext that there was a risk of harm, he persuaded the three women to collect money and jewelry. He managed to extract in this way 6,225 euros and jewelry worth 1,500 euros.

The case against the 26-year-old, for ongoing fraud, was submitted to the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Serres.

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