Complaint for child abuse in an institution in Attica


In the case abuse of boys in an institution in Attica, said the Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Solidarity Domna Michailidou, speaking to ERT.

He explained that he had received “in writing a personal complaint from three people directly related to this structure in Attica, either as employees or as members of its board of directors”. As Ms. Michailidou said, “they reported incidents of physical violence against children in a specific” punishment room “within the structure, as well as sexual relations between boys from 7 to 11 years old, in the presence of employees. At the same time, many cases of neglect were reported “.

Ms. Michailidou informed that she filed an indictment with the Prosecutor’s Office, which is now examining the case, and “froze” the funding for this structure, while the complaint was notified to the Board of the structure in September without, however, proceeding in actions.

The institution for which the complaint has been made, seems to be of concern to the Justice for other cases, financial but not only, as, as the Undersecretary said, “it already has a prosecutorial investigation for illegal adoptions”. Ms. Michailidou informed that the complaint concerns the months of August and September.

Five children with a prosecutor’s order have already been transported to the Children’s Hospital, where they are examined by pediatricians and child psychiatrists.

In a newer television intervention, Ms. Michailidou noted that at present, the prosecutor’s investigation does not reveal the participation of employees in sexual acts. “We do not know if there are videos, a prosecutorial and police investigation is underway,” he told SKAI television.

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