Israel – Postpones start of vaccinations for fourth dose of coronavirus


Postpones the start of vaccinations with the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine in Israel. The country was the first in the world to plan fourth-dose vaccinations under the threat of the Omicron variant.

More specifically, the vaccinations would start on Sunday, December 26, but will be delayed indefinitely. The Israeli government has decided to curb vaccinations following a new assessment that the Omicron variant causes milder disease than other variants, although it spreads faster and avoids vaccines better.

In an Israeli Channel 13 television report, the director of the Israeli Ministry of Health said that he may not approve the additional booster doses as further data are pending to prove that hospitalization from the new Omicron variant is less likely than originally had. appreciated.

In particular, Nakman As, director general of the ministry, said that he has not yet approved the vaccination campaign of the fourth dose as data are expected from Great Britain that prove that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus causes less serious disease than the strain D.

Up to 70% chances

Preliminary data suggest that people infected with Omicron are between 50 and 70 percent less likely to need treatment than those infected with the Delta strain, the British Public Health Service said on Thursday. .

“We will discuss it again”

“If more data emerges with the same result, we should send the issue of the fourth dose for more discussion to the committees of experts,” As told Channel 13, confirming that the fourth dose of vaccination would be delayed in Israel.

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