Fourth dose of vaccine from February in Chile


THE Chile will be granted by him February a fourth dose of vaccine against coronavirus, starting with the high-risk categories before the measure is extended to the rest of the population, President Sebastian Pinera announced.

“The main concern and priority is to protect the lives and health of our compatriots,” he said today during an event marking the first anniversary of the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Chile.

The first to take the booster dose will be health workers, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases.

The country already has the required installments, Piniera said.

Health Minister Enrique Paris justified the decision by saying that local studies “show that there is indeed a reduction in the rate of antibodies” that fight the virus six months after the last dose.

At least 16.5 million of the 19.2 million Chileans have received the full two-dose vaccine, or more than 86% of the population.

The country has recorded 1.7 million cases and 38,954 deaths, of which 54 in the last 24 hours.

From the beginning of December, the vaccination campaign was extended to children from the age of 3 years.

At least two other countries, Israel and Brazil, have announced campaigns to give a fourth dose of the vaccine to the immunocompromised group.

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