Covid-19 case record in Britain


New case record recorded the Britain, with 122,186 infections in a 24-hour period, up from 119,789 on Thursday.

According to official figures from the Ministry of Health, 137 new deaths from Covid-19 were also reported. In total, 147,857 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

Earlier today, it was announced that the British government will offer 12-month work visas to health workers from other countries after the new coronavirus pandemic exacerbated health shortages.

This measure will be temporary and is expected to enter into force early next year. The minimum annual salary to qualify for a visa will be .4 20,480 (approximately € 28,000).

One in ten Londoners is likely to have been infected with COVID-19

About one in ten Londoners is likely to have been infected with COVID-19 by last Sunday, according to new official estimates underscoring the ongoing progression of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Daily estimates based on models from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) showed that about 9.5% of Londoners had COVID-19 by Sunday, with a 95% confidence interval of 8.43% to 10.69%.

Yesterday, Britain recorded a record number of new coronavirus infections as the Omicron variant swept across the country, with the daily tally reaching 119,789 from 106,122 a day earlier.

ONS models show that another 600,000 people in England became infected with COVID in just five days by Sunday, bringing the infection to more than two million. As a result, the infection rate in England is one in 25 people, up from one in 40 on 14 December.

The incidence rose in all parts of the UK by Sunday, according to the latest estimates, with Scotland having the lowest rate of infection – one in 65 people.

Many industries and transport networks are struggling to cope with staff shortages as sick workers are isolating themselves, and hospitals in Britain have warned of the risk to patients’ safety.

The rapid spread of Omicron has caused an increase in infections in Britain over the past seven days, bringing the total to 676,165, according to government figures released yesterday, Thursday.

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