Omicron: 54 cases in Greece – 154 suspects – What are the symptoms


Omicron mutation cases of coronavirus in Greece are rising rapidly – Omicron is expected to peak after the New Year

The president of EODY, Theoklis Zaoutis stated in the main news bulletin of ANT1, that overall the incidents of mutation Omicrons in Greece amount to 54, while they still exist 154 suspects incidents that are “very likely to be positive,” he said.

Mr. Zaoutis stressed, among other things, that it is expected peak of Omicron after the New Year and a rapid increase in cases is very likely, as it is two to three times more contagious from mutation Delta. Therefore, on Monday, an extraordinary meeting will be held on the course of the pandemic, which will determine whether new measures will be taken or not.

As for the symptoms and who is most at risk, he said that they are the milder the disease and the percentage of hospitalization in those who have received the 3rd dose of the coronavirus vaccine. So far he explained that the hospitalizations have not followed the increase of the cases, but there is the fear of a rapid increase. The symptoms of the Omicron mutation are common to the common cold: a slight cough, sore throat, headache with a slight fever.

New measures

Regarding the possibility of new measures, he stated: “The Monday “There will be an emergency meeting, it will be discussed if more measures are needed and he added that if anyone has come in contact with a case of the Omicron mutation, they should avoid gatherings, wear a mask everywhere, keep their distance and it is essential to be vaccinated.”

Finally, in yesterday’s information about the pandemic, the president of EODY, Theoklis Zaoutis, announced 33 cases of the Omicron mutation in Greece, of which 18 in Crete. Yesterday, he also reported that there were 98 suspicious cases. These cases had mild symptoms lasting three days. Regarding the so-called “suspicious” cases, Mr. Zaoutis explained yesterday that: “the suspected cases have the PCR which shows with almost 98%, 99% certainty that the mutation is Homicron”.

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