Christmas glow on the planet – Special events


Under the sounds of bagpipes and drums played by children, the traditional began Christmas parade in front of the temple of the Nativity in Bethlehem. For the second year in a row, foreign tourists will not have the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Jesus, during the holidays.

Christmas carols flooded it Dresden temple. The faithful may not be allowed to enter this year either, but the viewers had the opportunity to enjoy from their home the unique melodies of the evening.

“God comes in the form of a small child and sends us the message: Where there is a small child, adults must be silent,” said Archbishop Tobias Bills.

The carols were sung by a choir on the historic Charles Bridge in Prague. A custom that has lasted for decades.

“Anyone can come here and play music, without any rehearsal,” said event organizer Libor Sladek.

The flying Santa Clauses descended from the roof of the Ljubljana Children’s Hospital, with the help of a rope, and gave smiles to the little patients.

In appropriate festive attire, the elephants were present at the school festivities held in Thailand. The gift bag was full of masks and antiseptics.

From afar Rovaniemi, the beloved Saint of the children left for his long journey, with the promise to make our Christmas this year magical!

Source: ERT, Reportage: Adriana Maggania

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