Radical facelift on euro banknotes – Consultant for redesign artist K. Varotsos


Euro banknotes are changing. And we are not talking about a simple facelift. After two decades of release, Christine Lagarde will leave her aesthetic mark: she will make them unrecognizable. Forget today’s decorative patterns. The ECB will select new projects with the help of the public, the citizens of the eurozone.

Working groups will get ideas from samples from citizens, the so-called focus groups, about what needs to change in their appearance.

Based on these preferences, a committee of artists and scientists from various specialties will make suggestions for new patterns. The ECB will then ask the public to vote on which one it prefers. And the designers will work on the chosen one.

The committee that will advise the ECB on the new face of the euro has a Greek, the sculptor and Professor at the Aristotle University Costas Varotsos.

“It is curious that there is no strong Greek element to characterize the Europeans themselves, who have a lot of Greece in them. “There should be a signal of these two main axes that defined the European community: that is, the ancient Greek literature and Roman law”, says Mr. Varotsos in the informative financial insert of ERT “Numbers” and to the journalist Elias Siakantaris.

Source: ERT1

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