Turkey – Young woman married her boyfriend who deformed her face with acid – “I love him very much”


Berfin Ozek, 20, was leaving her home tutoring center on January 15, 2019, in the city of Iskenderun (Alexandretta) in the province of Hatay, Turkey, when she was attacked by her 23-year-old boyfriend Kasim Ozan Celtic, with whom she had previously divorced. a while.

In awful condition

Ozek was hospitalized in a burn unit for a long time, but her face never returned to normal.

The scars on her face from the attack are intense, her vision from her right eye is very weak and she has undergone plastic surgery on her eyelids and lips.

Ozek after the attack

After the attack, Ozek filed a lawsuit against her boyfriend, which she later withdrew as she regretted it.

Love messages

The perpetrator had bombarded her with messages of reconciliation and love, begging for her forgiveness.

The girl retreated and agreed to withdraw her lawsuit: “We have written many letters to each other. I have given it to myself. “I love him very much; he loves me very much,” he said.

However, after receiving criticism from social media, she decided to reinstate her complaint.

Her friend and perpetrator of the attack was arrested and sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison for attempted murder but was released on restrictive terms due to the pandemic.

Marriage proposal

After his release from prison, he proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she finally agreed to marry him.

Both reported the fact on social media, receiving sharp reactions from users.

The young woman’s father, upset, told the media: “He got married without our knowing it. “I fought for her for years and now all this is in vain.”


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