Biden “coded” insult during Christmas phone call


US President Joe Biden was rather stoically insulted by a citizen during his Christmas party speech, when a family father closed it using a coded, severely insulting expression, very popular among former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The head of state and his wife Jill have followed the tradition that wants US presidents and their comrades to talk to some people who call the special line to monitor the course of Santa Claus, which has been handled by the Aerospace Administration since 1955. North American Defense (NORAD).

Through a video link from the White House, they spoke with a man who said that his name was “Jared”, a father of four children.

After briefly talking to the children, asking what gifts they wanted and then urging them to go to bed early, Biden exchanged a few words with the father, emphasizing that they both have sons named Hunter.

Closing the meeting, the American president wished “Merry Christmas” to his interlocutor. The latter replied “I wish you a Merry Christmas too” before closing with the phrase “Let’s go Brandon”.

“‘Let’s go Brandon,'” Mr. Biden replied, without reacting to this coded phrase, which actually means “Fuck you Biden.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This excerpt from the video was immediately shared on social media, with some users praising the US president for remaining apathetic.

It all started in early October, when an NBC reporter interviewing rally driver Brandon Brown after his victory at a NASCAR circuit raised her voice to cover the commotion from the stands. “You can hear the voices of the crowd: ‘Come on Brandon!’ (‘Let’s Go Brandon’) ».

In fact, the crowd could be heard shouting “Fuck you Biden!” (“Biden, come on …”).

The mistake, or the journalist’s attempt to correct what was being spread, quickly turned into a slogan, allowing Joe Biden to be insulted without uttering “F word”, the theoretically strictly forbidden insult (24906476).

In addition to Donald Trump’s supporters, several first-rate Republican politicians have since used this codified wording.

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