The “festive conspiracy” of doctors and nurses – Becoming friends and relatives in the Covid-19 era


With one “Festive conspiracy” operate doctors and nurses to change these difficult days of the pandemic, the climate that prevails in the wards of hospitals. “Something magical happens” when the sounds of medical devices are covered with carols, wishes and words from the heart.

Healthcare, doctors and nursing staff, they take on the role of relative, friend, one who will convey or express words of love and consolation.

In difficult times for his health, man seeks the support of people close to him. This beneficial to the psychologist, the patient’s relationship with his environment, the coronavirus with its contagion has been “forbidden” with the result that the difficult moments of both the patient and his own people become even more difficult.

The burden of communication falls fatally on doctors and nurses.

“Tell my people that I love them. Do not worry, I will do it ” is the message that doctors and nurses at Covid-19 clinics are often called upon to convey to their patients. On the other hand, doctors and nurses, during the daily information of relatives about the health of their people who are fighting in the ICU, feel their anxiety.

They beg daily to be allowed to enter the health facilities to see their own even from a distance, while mothers wait for hours outside the hospitals until the time comes for the long-awaited discharge of their child. Those who are familiar with the technology can be talked to in their own wards, but others ask for help from the medical staff to see the faces of their own people, even through a mobile phone, and to gain strength for the fight they are giving. .

Health professionals are called upon to take on multiple roles, such as those of parent, child, friend and personal confessor who gain more weight during the holidays and emotions are more intense, says Dr. Tsikrika Stamatoula, a pulmonologist at APE-MPE. “Sotiria” hospital, president of the Hellenic Pulmonologists Association.

“Almost twenty-four months after the start of the pandemic, we are now convinced that the provision of health services worldwide is effectively monopolized by the coronavirus that invaded the lives of all of us so suddenly and radically changed our daily lives. Never before has there been so much accumulated information about a disease, but also so much loneliness, anxiety and sadness from patients during home quarantine or required hospitalization, with health professionals being called upon to take on multiple roles like these of the parent, the child, the friend and the personal confessor “, notes Ms. Tsikrika.

Christmas and New Year in the battle with the coronavirus

During the holidays, these roles, he continues, acquire even greater weight and substantial content, since for coronavirus patients, the hospital staff will be the only people who will talk, touch and exchange wishes and smiles, even and behind bodysuits, gloves and masks. “And while during the holidays, every day is emotionally charged and physically burdened with very exhausting hours for the health workers who offer their services sacrificially, the Christmas days are always more difficult, with the hospital shifts and the 24-hour on-call hours giving them they keep away from the warmth and embrace of their own family “.

“But then something magical happens!”, Says Ms. Tsikrika, describing the climate that prevails in the wards. “The sounds of respirators, echocardiograms and breathing apparatus with the many oxygen tubes are covered by the melodic sounds of triangles and carols, by the heartfelt wishes and heartfelt words of the staff who with so much devotion and affection try to offer patients moments of joy. and to transform even for a while the cold and impersonal wards of the hospital into a warm family environment “.

An ally in this “festive conspiracy” is the use of new technological tools. “Small laptops, personal cell phones and video calls are being used to enable patients to talk and meet loved ones even from abroad, to arm themselves with more courage and hope to do so, to leave quickly and return home. . Colorful paintings, messages of tenderness, family photos and letters are given to the health workers who, like other Santa Claus postmen, have the responsibility not only to deliver the precious letters to the patients, but sometimes even to read them, without anyone being able to hold back his tears from the words of love and consolation heard in the ward. “

The same warm words are heard during the telephone briefings of the doctors where the relatives beg every day to be allowed to enter the health structures in order to see even from a distance their own, who are so deprived of them due to the virus, according to the prevention protocols. of viral load in the community.

“It is not uncommon for mothers to come and wait standing for days and hours outside the hospitals until it is time for their child’s long-awaited discharge. In this way, they feel closer to him, since they always took care of him and were by his side in difficulties and illnesses, and now this responsibility lies with the experienced hands of the health workers “, says Ms. Tsikrika.

The president of the Association of Pulmonologists of Greece, reminds the observance of personal protection measures and wishes a Merry Christmas to all with health. “This Christmas, let us all take care to be with our family and loved ones, observing the necessary hygiene measures and, where necessary, preventing the spread through self-monitoring in the wider social gatherings, so that the ‘alone at home’ or” alone in the hospital “when he is heard referring exclusively to the classic Christmas movie!”.

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