G. Kavvathas: The focus is on informal lockdown (video)


For the problems faced by its industry focus and fears of further difficulties in the event of new measures, he referred to ERT the president of GSEVEE, George Kavvathas.

«The focus is on informal lockdown. For almost two months now, since the beginning of November due to restrictive measures the industry has suffered one reduction in turnover of 50-60%He said characteristically.

He stressed that the Christmas Eve presented a similar picture, as he estimated, bookings moved to 60-70% compared to 2019. At the same time, he made it known that there have been too many cancellations.

Asked about new measures, he replied that the catering industry already has huge survival problems, while parts of the industry are already damaged.

«Public health is paramount but at the same time it will businesses need to be financially supported” concluded.

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