Christmas around the world with a look at the Omicron mutation (video)


In the shadow of the coronavirus and her Omicron mutation The birth of the Godman is celebrated all over the world, as the cases are increasing rapidly.

In Bethlehem, for the second year, nothing reminiscent of previous ones Christmas. Only locals and Israeli citizens were able to attend the traditional procession and Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Nativity, officiated by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

The picture is a little different Vatican where about 2,000 worshipers were able to watch the Christmas Eve service. Only Pope Francis did not wear a mask for health reasons. During his sermon, the Pope urged the faithful to think more of the world’s poor.

(AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

“Just a poor child wrapped in swaddling clothes, with shepherds standing next to them. There is God, in humility .. This is the message: God does not rise in greatness, but lowers himself in smallness. Humility is the path he has chosen to approach us, to touch our hearts, to save us and to bring us back to what really matters. “ stressed in his message o Pope Francis.

Believers wished the end of the pandemic. «We hope to return to what we call normalcy because this is not a life we ​​can call normal by the standards we are used to.People emphasize.

The same wish prevailed in the faithful who gathered in the churches in Paris and in the rest France a record number of new cases approaching 100,000.

(AP Photo / Christophe Ena)

In Spain, believers were waiting in line outside the Sagrada Familia. They hoped to be able to attend the Divine Liturgy and return home before one after midnight when the night curfew would start again.

Hundreds of people line up to test on New York, while others receive a free self-test as the Omicron strain spreads to the United States. More than 2,000 flights have been canceled worldwide as a result of concerns about the new coronavirus strain.

US President Joe Biden accompanied Jill’s wife to Washington Children’s Hospital, while in London the Duchess of Cambridge Kate played Christmas carols on the piano.

Despite the new restrictions Australians Enjoyed Christmas again at Boday Beach.

Edited by: Kali Lekka  

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