COVID-19 cases worldwide reached 279.4 million


Confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide amount to 279,411,079, while COVID-19 patient deaths to 5,411,307. So far, 249,811,479 people have recovered from the disease, according to the Worldometers website.

There are currently 24,188,293 people ill. The condition of 99.6% (24,099,535) of them is mild and of 88.758 or 0.4% severe or critical.

In the US, 52,986,307 cases have been diagnosed and 837,671 patients have died. In India, 34,779,815 people became ill and 479,520 died. It is followed by Brazil with 22,230,737 cases and 618,429 deaths, the United Kingdom with 11,891,292 cases and 147,857 deaths and Russia with 10,368,299 cases and 303,250 patients who have lost their lives.


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