Filis: After science, the Hierarchy of the Church is bothered by humor


Criticism of Hierarchy of the Church of Greece, for its stance on the pandemic, exercises, on the occasion of the announcement issued for the post of Professor Elias Mosialou, the Head of Education of SYRIZA, Nikos Girlfriend.

“The Hierarchy’s preoccupation with Professor Mosialos’s humorous post and the ‘sacred rage’ that engulfed it, led to the issuance of a statement in the style of the Great Censor, as well as indirect suggestions regarding Mr. Mosialos’s position in the International Organizations,” he said. Mr. Filis and adds: “The Hierarchy that does not tolerate even a hint of humor, is the same that covers many Hierarchs, simple clergy and all kinds of” spiritual “, who daily take the innocent believers by the throat because they trust the unscientific sermons or their “divinely inspired” advice. The Permanent Holy Synod is attacking Mr. Mosialos at a time when he is raising a significant weight in the scientific information of the public while at the same time (the DIS) is “swallowing the camel” of irrationality, fanatical vaccination and extreme jealousy in its lines “.

Continuing his criticism, he states: “And instead of adopting the measures indicated by the scientific community, he negotiates for two years with the” Right of the Lord “, exceptions from the regulations or their relaxed application in temples and church events. . The phenomenon of “mass” Hierarchs or priests, in the “sanctification” of schools, in services or at funerals is daily and extremely provocative.

Instead of engaging in humorous sketches and chasing “heretics”, let the Permanent Holy Synod find the inspiration and strength to fulfill its mission of protecting life, to come close to the anguish of millions of believers, and to take on its role. is concerned with dealing with the pandemic, starting with “her house”. As certain Metropolitans and other enlightened ecclesiastical figures are already doing. Hesitations and delays, and much more curses, are not justified with more than 20,000 dead of our fellow citizens and while the “Omicron” mutation is taking place “, concludes Mr. Filis.

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