France – 9 wolves escaped from a zoo while operating for the public


An alarm was sounded at a zoo in France when a herd of nine wolves managed to escape, at a time when the park was open and normally received visitors.

The incident took place last weekend at the Trois Vallées Zoo in Montredon-Labessonnié, and fortunately no one was injured.

Four wolves were shot dead by zoo staff, while the other five were anesthetized, according to official Fabien Chollet, who made statements to the French agency.

The zoo was closed until the issue, with the security problem that arose, was fixed.

The owner of the park, Sauveur Ferrara, said that the wolves were a recent addition and that the animals escaped after they managed to destroy security structures, reports, citing the Daily Mail. According to him, however, none of the wolves managed to get out of the zoo.

“Because of the unnatural and dangerous behavior of some of them, four wolves were unfortunately killed by park staff,” he said, adding that authorities immediately evacuated the park from the public.

It is noted that in October 2020, the zoo was ordered to close due to lack of security measures, but the order was eventually suspended, following a court decision.

Now, an announcement has been posted on the park’s social media that “promises” that the zoo will reopen, but this will happen in the new year.  

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