Police operation for immediate transfer of a 5-year-old from Kilkis to Ippokratio


“Bridge of life”, for transport of a 5-year-old childύ, today Christmas, in Thessaloniki. Specifically, the contribution of the bicyclists of the DIAS and DELTA team was requested, in order to safely transport the 5 year old boy from Kilkis in Thessaloniki and specifically in Hippocrates hospital.

According to the police, at around 14:00, the police authorities accepted an inclination to assist in the rapid transport of the child to the Hippocratic Hospital, as he was injured with glass in the palm and had to be transported from Kilkis to Thessaloniki. The cyclists opened the road, removing the vehicles, in order not to delay the transportation of the child at all.

The police operation lasted only a few minutes and the child arrived safely and quickly at the Hippocratic Hospital, where he was given first aid and has already returned home.


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