Social dividend: When will the 250 euros be paid to low-income retirees


On December 29-30, 2021, the social dividend of 250 euros is expected to be given to low-income retirees. The social dividend is given this year as allowance of EUR 250, as recently announced by the Prime Minister and categories of beneficiaries are in addition to the low-income pensioners, the uninsured elderly and the disabled who receive an allowance from OPEC. The first-line health workers will also receive an extraordinary social dividend and the same procedure will be followed for its calculation as in April 2020, when they received another half salary.

As for the low-income retireesBeneficiaries are those who in November 2021 received: permanent or temporary pension or advance payment of main pension, due to old age, disability or death, pre-retirement benefit, disability pension benefits (paid by e-EFKA), also occupied by pensioners pension from the General Accounting Office of the State, in accordance with the provisions of par. 3 of article 4 of law 4387/2016 (war invalids, artists, etc.). The income criterion of 7,200 euros per year refers to the net amount they receive from their pension if they have no other income.

If they exceed 7,200 euros either from a pension or other income (eg rent) they will not receive the 250 euros. For couple of low-income retirees the criterion for both to get the 250 euro boost is to have annual family income to 14,400 euros, provided that their individual income is not more than 7,200 euros.

That is, if a couple of retirees have a total income of 13,500 euros, of which one has 7,500 euros and the other 6,000 euros, the aid will be received by one with an income of 6,000 euros.

With regard to the provision of emergency financial assistance to them beneficiaries of OPEC disability benefits, the surcharge will be paid once and will be made during the regular payment of the monthly welfare provision of December 2021.

It is also provided that the monthly pension uninsured seniors and the social solidarity allowance for uninsured seniors are granted a surcharge of 250 euros to the beneficiaries of payment of December 2021. And in this case the surcharge is paid once, during the regular payment of the December pension and allowance.

In terms of the bonus for them sanitary, will be paid only to its sanitary first line, that is, to those who come in contact with patients, and the same procedure will be followed for its calculation as in April 2020, when they had received half a salary again.

Excluded from the emergency social dividend to the health “those of the staff who are absent with any leave continuously throughout the period, with the exception of only sick leave, and those who have been suspended.”

The Ministry of Health leaves open the possibility for the amount to be paid to the medical and nursing staff at the beginning of January. Specifically, according to the circular of the Ministry of Finance, it is emphasized that “if it is not possible to pay the above benefit to the beneficiaries within the month of December 2021, this payment can take place within the month of January 2022”.

The special financial support is subject to all the provided insurance deductions of the additional fees, as well as to income tax, in accordance with the existing provisions.

Payment to the accounts of the beneficiaries will be made automatically, without an IBAN declaration, while it will be tax free and unseized.

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