Trump – Outraged former supporters protest outside the Trump tower


Furious Donald Trump fans turned against him outside his restaurant in the Trump Tower and began to cheer because they were barred from entering as they were unvaccinated.

You can make a hundred bookings and eventually not be able to eat for security or crowds. It is not a constitutional right for those who have made a reservation, that they will be served, “said police officers who arrived at the scene and continued:” The law says that only with a vaccination certificate you can enter an enclosed space. “The Constitution has nothing to do with it.”

It is noted that in New York it is mandatory for people over 5 years to show proof of vaccination to be able to dine, drink coffee, drink or have fun indoors.

“Trump is a swindler,” they all shouted, “he betrayed us.” According to the Daily Mail, none of those gathered wore a mask, nor did they keep a safe distance.

Their police officers have been able to tell them that it is not … Constitutional right Reservation in a restaurant, but fans were turning against Trump.

It is worth noting that a few days ago, Trump supporters had congratulated him when he revealed that he had given the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

In particular, when Trump revealed in a speech in Dallas that he was fully vaccinated, his assembled followers started yelling with Trump making sense for them to stop and telling them “No! Non! Non! Non! Non!”. However, his move resulted in the “th” multiplying.  

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