US: Biden urges Americans to seek ‘light and unity’


In his first Christmas at the White House, Joe Biden today praised the Americans’ “infinite courage” in the face of the pandemic and called on them to seek “light” and unity in the face of adversity.

“This year we have seen the immense courage, strength, resilience and determination of all those who heal, support, teach, protect and serve the country,” Biden wrote in a message co-signed by First Lady Jill Biden on the occasion. Christmas.

“You show, once again, that our differences are precious and our similarities innumerable,” Biden said, although the country is deeply divided on a number of issues. “We pray for the gospel promise, to find the light in the dark, which is perhaps the most American endeavor of all,” wrote the American president, who is a devout Catholic.

The presidential couple placed special emphasis this year on the festive traditions, from the pardon of a turkey for Thanksgiving, to the decoration of the White House for Christmas.

Biden, however, did not escape the particularly acute political climate in the United States. In a telephone conversation he had with a family yesterday, regarding the arrival of Santa Claus, a man secretly insulted him, using a “coded” expression that is common among the supporters of former President Donald Trump.

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