Congo – Restaurant bomb blast – There are dead


An alarm was sounded Saturday night in the Congo when a bomb exploded inside a restaurant in the Benny area.

According to Reuters, the bomb exploded immediately after the universal operation, followed by shootings.

“Loss of human life has been reported. “The security services have already been deployed and the first steps have been taken,” the Congolese government spokesman said in a statement.

Early reports say at least three people were killed.

The mayor of Benny, for his part, said: “There is a bomb that just exploded in the city center. For safety, I ask the population to stay home. “

Shocking image [προσοχή – σκληρές εικόνες]

Images from the spot have already started circulating on social media.

Typical is an image – the authenticity of which has not yet been verified – which is said to show the wreckage after the attack, as well as the bodies of the dead.  

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