“Saving”: Only 1% of the applications are complete – Ad advises the beneficiaries. Georgiadis


There are many mistakes found in the applications of the beneficiaries of the “Save” program. The recommendation be careful in the applications they submit, in order to get their money faster, the Minister of Development and Investment addressed the applicants of the program Adonis Georgiadis from the floor of Parliament.

Answering a topical question of the Messinia MP of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Haritsis, Mr. Georgiadis said that only 1% of applications are complete in the first evaluation.

Earlier, Mr. Haritsis had pointed out that for the “Save” program of 2020, out of 37,500 applications, payments have been made to 80! That is 0.21% of the total. This is the reality “, said Mr. Haritsis.

Out of 100 applications, 99 have errors, which according to the regulation, the payment is prohibited, said Mr. Georgiadis. Note that 20% become complete after the second evaluation, 40% after the third evaluation, while 39% remain with problems after their third evaluation. “So there is a serious problem, and depositors should be much more careful in the way they make the deposit in the” Save “program if they want to get their money fast,” said Mr. Georgiadis. He assured, however, that “the money is frozen in the development bank and as soon as the application is accepted, the payment is made in the same second, automatically”.

At the same time, he stated that the payments made by SYRIZA in the previous Savings program were made with many errors, with the result that the competent service imposed a fine of 7 million on the Development Bank. “We said: No application will be paid if it is not completely correct under the regulation. “Those who make the requests, to do them correctly” said Mr. Georgiadis, criticizing the previous government that “you taught them to make them incorrectly”.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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