Northern Macedonia – War between Bulgaria and Russia over the celebration of St. Clement


“Unfortunately, we have another Russian challenge, which aims to bring a wedge between Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia and to distort the truth to an extremely weak degree.”

Congratulatory message

This was stated for the Bulgarian private news agency BGNES by Professor Plamen Pavlov, one of the greatest scholars of Bulgarian and Balkan medieval history, reacting to the congratulatory message of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Skopje on the occasion of the great . Klimis of Ohrid.

The Russian embassy in Sofia has so far not congratulated the celebration of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, reports “BGNES”, while the Russian diplomatic mission in the country “congratulated the great national celebration of the brother of the Macedonian people”, emphasizing that St. Klimis of Ohrid is one of the founders of the Cyrillic alphabet that connects modern Russian with the Slavo-Macedonian language.

The Bulgarian historian also condemned the message, on the occasion of the feast, of the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaef, who said yesterday Wednesday that “St. Clement is a living monument of our history and the founder of the Ohrid School, also known as first Balkan and European university “.

And against Zaef

In his statement, Zaef did not mention at all that the character and work of St. Clement of Ohrid are at least common to Bulgaria and are important for Bulgarian history and culture, as noted by BGNES.

“Equally reprehensible is the statement of Prime Minister Zaef, because the days when he shows that he seeks reconciliation with Bulgaria, how to seek a common language with Bulgaria, in fact shows that no common language is sought and that this is the language of lies and vulgarophobia “, Pavlov reacted.

Source: BGNES,  

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