Margin of 20 days for 2 corrective moves in the items


Millions of taxpayers have 20 days to cover the evidence of 2021 with three moves, if their real incomes are lower.

These are actions which, in order to have a practical effect, must be completed by 2021 and to avoid excessive tax burden with the 2022 liquidation.

It is pointed out that the impact of presumptive taxation not limited to paying higher income tax, but can be taxed on the scale of the self-employed, imposed on them special solidarity contribution, but also to lose the right to collect social benefits and the exemption from the EN.F.IA. if their actual income is below the applicable limits.

In 2020, they fell into the trap of presumptions 2,032,887 taxpayers, taxpayers and spouses, who were charged additional income 6.35 billion euros and of course increased income taxes.

According to the legislation, the objective expenses that are taken into account for the determination of the total annual expenditure of the taxpayer are the following:

  • The amount paid in 2021 for the acquisition of assets such as real estate, cars, boats, etc.
  • Residential or rented or free rented main residences, as well as privately owned or rented secondary residences of these auxiliary spaces as well as privately owned or leased independent or free conceded auxiliary spaces,
  • Passenger car expenses I.X. mixed-use cars and JEEP cars,
  • Expenditure on private primary and secondary schools,
  • Expenses for domestic helpers (more than one), car drivers, teachers, etc.,
  • Expenditure on private yachts,
  • Expenditure on aircraft, helicopters, gliders,
  • Swimming pool costs (indoor and outdoor).
  • To the above objective costs is added an amount as a minimum objective cost of living, which is defined in the amount of 3,000 euros, in the case of unmarried, divorced or widowed and in the amount of 5,000 euros, in the case of spouses who file a joint declaration, if actual or imputed income is declared.

The two moves at five

To avoid presumptions, the legislation itself provides ways to cover them, but some moves need to be made in time and within 2021.

Initially, if there is income that is not taxed but neutralize presumptions such as the price from the sale of a car, real estate, bonuses, gambling winnings, etc. of course and are used.

Also, another possibility is the invoking income of previous financial years, with a specific procedure and method.

Because, despite the above possibilities, however there are over 2 million taxpayers who fall into the trap of imputed taxation, those who have a problem and do not have the above income, can resort to the following two moves.

  • To receive a loan within 2021 from banks, relatives or third parties. The conclusion of a loan is evidenced by a notarized or private document that has been stamped and has a certain date for the conclusion of the loan. If it is an asset purchase, e.g. car, must have been taken, by date, before its purchase. If it is a loan from relatives and friends, the “loan” must be taken in 2021 and a public tax must be paid.
  • Receiving donations and parental benefits in 2021. In order for the taxpayer to prove that he has received such amounts in 2020, he must have at his disposal (so that if necessary he can present to the tax authorities) a relevant certificate of the competent head of the Tax Office from which shows that the donation or parental benefit was made before 31st-12-2021. Until last year, a donation tax was imposed on monetary amounts of 10% between close relatives, while this year, with the increase of the tax-free limit to 800,000 euros, the coverage of the presumptions becomes “tax-free”. However, the declaration to the Tax Office of the donations or parental benefits of money amounts must be made by December 31, 2021, in order to be valid to cover the presumptions of 2021.
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