First visit of the new German Foreign Minister to Paris


THE Germany’s new Foreign Minister, Analena Berbock, wants a common, European stance both in the Ukraine-Russia crisis and against China.

One day after taking office, Germany’s first female Foreign Minister visited Paris. After meeting with her French counterpart, Yves Le Drian“Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are non-negotiable,” Berbock said. He warned Russia that “it will pay a heavy political and economic price for a new breach of the Ukrainian state entity.”

Le Drian and Burbok stressed that they want a common EU stance on the issue of a possible diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China. “When a woman makes such accusations, they should be taken into account on the international stage,” said German Foreign Minister Peng Shuai, referring to allegations of rape by a senior Chinese Communist Party official.

Berbock said she was pleased with the French EU presidency’s goal in January to promote the introduction of a CO2 tax in the EU. She and the Foreign Ministry will be responsible for Germany’s international climate policy. However, he refrained from giving a clear answer to the question of France’s pursuit of including atomic energy in EU-subsidized clean energy sources.

The Franco-German friendship was particularly emphasized by the two foreign ministers. “There is nothing more beautiful than being in Paris on the first day of your duties,” Burbock said. “Germany has no closer friend than France,” he added, personally promising to support the French EU presidency.

Following Paris, the new German Foreign Minister visited Brussels for a meeting with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. Tomorrow, Friday, Burbok will have her first visit to Warsaw.

Response: George Pappas, Berlin  

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