Gutters for Human Rights Day: A Life With Dignity Is Possible


The message that “Today and every day, we will continue to work for justice, equality, dignity and human rights for all.Addresses the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the occasion of today Human Rights Day.

«Our world is at a crossroads. The COVID-19 epidemic, the climate crisis and the spread of digital technology in all areas of our lives have created new threats to human rights. Exclusion and discrimination are rampant, while public space is shrinking. Poverty and hunger are rising for the first time in decades and millions of children are losing their right to education. Inequality is deepeningAntonio Guterres points out at the beginning of his message.

In this context, the UN Secretary-General opposes that “we can choose a different path». In particular, it refers to the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 73 years ago by the United Nations General Assembly. «The principles set out in this simple Declaration remain the key to the protection of human rights. – urban, economic, social, and political – for all people everywhere»Emphasizes features.

Furthermore, it expresses the need for the recovery from the pandemic to be an opportunity “to expand human rights and freedoms and to rebuild trust. Trust in justice and the impartiality of laws and institutions. Confidence that a life with dignity is possible. Belief that people can have a fair trial and resolve their disputes peacefully».

Finally, Antonio Guterres assures that the United Nations upholds the rights of every human being.

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