Dendias: The three axes for the port of Alexandroupolis


“The port of Alexandroupolis is a big bet for the Greek government, for the Mitsotakis government, but also for the Thracian and Greek society as a whole,” said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, who visited the Alexandroupolis Port Authority and met with President Konstantinos Hadjimichael and officials of the Greek Army and the American military mission in Alexandroupolis.

Immediately after the meeting, Mr. Dendias stated: “We had from the beginning, from 2019, three guidelines:

-The first is the defense axis and I think with the two agreements we signed with the United States of America it is fully served. The port of Alexandroupolis has been included in the plans and thus serves, in the purest sense, the national interest.

-The second concerns the financial part of the trade. The port will evolve into an entry port for Central and Eastern Europe and will play a very big role for the city and the region in the coming.

-The third is energy. The liquefied gas the new Station which will be built a few miles from here and the interconnection with TAP will lead to Alexandroupolis becoming Thrace a new energy hub. And all this serves the new vision for our country. “Interconnected, defensively strong, sovereign, with a bright economic future in a prosperous Europe.”  

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