Interconnection of GEMI with AADE


The president of EVEA, Giannis Bratakos, met with the commander of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis, in the context of GEMI’s connection with AADE.

“The start, the interruption or the end of the works, but also the share changes in the ownership status of the companies, will pass directly to AADE, reducing the bureaucratic procedures and modernizing the existing infrastructure. At the same time, all transactions related to the calculation and payment of taxes are automated. This is a total quality upgrade, which will lead to transparency of procedures and quality improvement of transactions “, said the president of EVEA.

Mr. Pitsilis referred, among other things, to the timologio service of AADE, which is addressed to freelancers and small businesses, which do not have a computer system for issuing and transmitting documents to myDATA. The service became available last August and offers possibilities of profile configuration, customer composition, organization of products and services and issuance of digital invoices.

Mr. Bratakos also referred to the prospects of the Greek economy and the implied positive trajectory in which the development course of entrepreneurship has entered. “2021 leaves us with the best possible specifications. GDP is expected to increase by at least 7%, the unemployment rate is below 13%, while we also expect resources from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund. Part of them will be directed towards the digital transformation, the strengthening of the exports and the stimulation of the competitiveness of the Greek companies. “We hope that the conditions will continue to favor the growth of entrepreneurship next year as well.”

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