Catering – Research: Turnover of small businesses decreased by 537.5 million euros (video)


The turnover of small catering businesses in the region decreased by 537.5 million euros in 2020, according to a survey by the Athens Chamber of Commerce.

The study was conducted in companies in Attica except Athens and Piraeus, and if we add to these companies that are directly related to catering, the “loss” reaches 617 million euros, said in the morning speaking to ERT the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce Giannis Hatzitheodosiou.

In 2021 the reduction was even greater, another 72 million were added, said Mr. Hatzitheodorou, and advocated for mandatory vaccination of all those working in the catering industry.

The people who left the restaurant for the previous two years did not return, most of them changed their profession.

There is this paradox: “While we have high unemployment, there are no workers to fill jobs either as cooks or as waiters,” said Mr. Hatzitheodorou.

The big issue that the research brings out is unvaccinated who can not enter these areas.

The second is uncertainty. Vaccinated people are afraid and avoid going to these places.

What is also recorded is that the “expensive” shops, the ones in which the customer believes that the safety conditions are more strictly observed, kept their customers, while the taverns closed.

The focus is the industry that was “hit” heavier than all the others during the pandemic he stressed. 42% of the companies in the area will not be able to fulfill their obligations. They ask:

  • Reduction of VAT
  • Tax reduction

We are in the post-covid era with a large turnover loss, the owner of a restaurant in Pakgrati, Makis Mikes, told ERT. “The price increases on all kinds are on our knees, especially in the prices of DEKO,” he stressed.  

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