Babacan – We used to lend money to Greece, now Erdogan is asking for loans from the Arabs


The economic crisis is plaguing Turkey. People are hungry. The pound is falling. The price hikes follow one another. Tayyip Erdogan crashes polls and seeks money from Arabs to save the situation.

His former ally and current leader of the DEVA party, Ali Babacan, looking for him for the tragic economic situation in Turkey, today launched an attack against Erdogan using our country, according to information from the capital.

“The whole Republic of Turkey has fallen into a state of begging”

“Relations with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are always in. Dollars. Obviously, when he looks at these countries, the dollar sign is formed in Mr. Erdogan’s eyes. The economy of this country will not improve with the money that will come from these places. The whole of the Republic of Turkey has fallen into a state of begging for money from the right and the left. “You can not gain prestige in this world by going and bowing your head to other countries, asking for money,” Babacan said, recalling that Turkey once lent to Greece during the crisis.

“After the crisis of 2008, Greece was on the verge of bankruptcy. At that time our financial strength was good. The IMF came and asked for money, saying: ‘There are countries that need money, we know that your situation is good, you are lending money to the IMF’. We signed the agreement. We gave a loan to the IMF. The day I landed in Athens, the German newspapers wrote: “Turkey came to help Greece”, while in a cartoon in a German newspaper they had painted the Turkish flag on the top of the Acropolis. That is why I now ask Mr Erdogan: Where have we been and where are we? “Turkey, which was once said to have ‘provided financial support to Greece’, has now turned to asking for support from other countries,” Ali Babacan said.

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