Immigration and the French Presidency agenda Castex-Sanchez in Madrid


Him French Prime Minister Jean Castex was received in the morning at the Moncloa Palace by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

On the agenda of Castex’s visit to Madrid is French Presidency EU and European immigration policy. The two leaders also discussed the issue that has arisen at the French-Spanish border in the Pyrenees and in particular the 17 entrances that were at the beginning of the year and now there are 10 left by a decision of France, which bothered Spain.

“I think Spain understands this very well,” Castex told El País newspaper. “We are acting according to the rules: these are border controls and not a closure. These are checks carried out for security reasons and reintroduced in the context of the fight against terrorist attacks. “Better monitoring of migratory flows and, if necessary, terrorist flows is a common goal between France and Spain.”

Asked if these checks made it possible to apprehend terrorists, he replied: “I will allow myself not to answer this question for obvious reasons of confidentiality. “Know, however, that counter-terrorism cooperation between France and Spain is excellent.”

Response: Dora Makri, Madrid

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