Michigan School Massacre: Attack ‘Completely Preventable’ – $ 100 Million Lawsuit Filed


The deadly gun attack on a Michigan high school that a 15-year-old is accused of was “completely preventable,” according to a $ 100 million lawsuit for moral damages filed Thursday, Thursday, against the school district and its officials on behalf of two brothers who survived the tragic event.

Four students were killed Nov. 30 at Oxford High School in Auckland, about 60 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Detroit. The lawsuit alleges that the school district principal and school principal reassured parents about the safety of the school, even though they were aware of disturbing social media posts and the search for ammunition in an internet search of the 15-year-old accused of the murders.

Ethan Krabley has been taken into custody without bail following charges against him as an adult for the deadliest gun attack on an American school in 2021.

The 44-page lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of 17-year-old Riley Franz, who was shot in the neck, and her sister, 14-year-old Bella, who was standing next to her at the time. Their parents, Jeffrey and Brady Franz, are also plaintiffs in this case.

Riley Franz is among the six students and a teacher who were seriously injured by the 15-year-old’s fire.

Ethan’s parents, James and Jennifer Crabley, have been charged with negligent homicide and are being held on $ 500,000 bail. The parents had given the gun to Ethan as a Christmas present and are accused of subsequently ignoring the warning signs that he was planning to open fire at his school.

The lawsuit was filed against Oxford Community District, school inspector Timothy Throwen, principal Steven Wolf, high school principal Ryan Moore, two unnamed teachers and two unnamed school counselors.

Representatives of the school district have so far not responded to a request to comment on this news.

In the appeal, Riley is described as a high school student preparing for college and Bella as a high school student involved in sports.

“The horror of November 30, 2021 was completely preventable,” the lawsuit states. “All the defendants named here created and exacerbated the dangers that existed at Oxford High School at the time. The defendants who are named individually are all responsible because through their actions they made the students who fell victim less safe” of the attack.

The charges against Ethan include threatening to use force on his social media posts, as well as using his cell phone to search for ammunition.

The lawsuit alleges that although Throne and Wolfe had reviewed the 15-year-old’s social media posts and were aware of the ammunition search alleged by the teacher that the student had done before the massacre, they reassured all parents not to. by email and other means of communication, that their children are safe in Oxford. Similarly the students had received assurances that there was no threat, it added to the treatment.

“The juvenile plaintiffs were safer before defendant Throne took action and advised every student, including the juveniles on appeal, that there was no credible threat,” it said.

The lawsuit also alleges other actions by school officials, such as the fact that they did not involve the school security officer in a meeting with Kramblay and his parents on the day of the tragedy.


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