A. Kritikos in the First: Soltz is a very good manager – Lindner is badly demonized in Greece, he is not of the “line” Seibel (audio)


His optimism that the new three-party government of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals in Germany, will be able to stand for a long time without major disagreements, said the head of Research at the Berlin Institute for Economic Research, Alexandros Kritikos, talking to First Program 91.6 and 105.8 and on the show “Magnifications” by Thanasis Georgakopoulos.

He estimated that the only point of friction after the three government partners may be the way of financing the basic state investments for the prevention of Climate Change, but he estimated that the Liberals will put “water in their wine” and will show flexibility.

Regarding the chancellor Olaf Solts, said that he is not the politician who will say big words, but he is a “very good manager who manages to bring people together, to take the same path, to have trust in each other, something we had not seen in the previous government ». “I believe that he is a man who can lead this government without having any charisma or giving us a big plan for where we will go in the future,” he said.

Asked to comment on the recent statements of praise for Greece made by the new Minister of Finance of Germany, Mr. Kritikos said that he was surprised by the “demonization” of the liberal Christian Lindner in our country, as he is not going to follow the policy of Wolfgang Schieb . “It may not be the same as having a green finance minister, but I do not think he will continue Seibel’s policy. “There is a lot of debate in Germany about whether the path that Seibel followed was a big mistake,” he said.

According to the Greek researcher, if the new government manages to implement them three main objectives who has set – the climate protection which needs huge investments, the digitization (an area in which Germany was “sleeping” as he said) and training of employees with almost non-existent training and which amount to 10% to 15% -, then “the face of Germany will change a lot in the coming years”.

He made special reference to the goals that Berlin has now set for one “European federation”, noting that if the money from the Recovery Fund is used properly, if investments are made and loans are serviced, then “we will indeed see Europe become more European”.

Mr. Kritikos also referred to pandemic management in Germany, saying that “in the summer we saw one failure“, Because due to the pre-election period, all politicians were afraid to say that compulsory vaccination is needed and we have now reached the point of registering 500 deaths every day. “With the new Minister of Health, we are going there, I hope it will continue. “There is no other solution than vaccination,” he added.

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