Greece’s position in the pandemic management ranking – Comparative research in 29 EU and OECD countries (list)


There is patent to emerge a country well from the pandemic? What factors are important to maintain public confidence in the state and democracy?

Comparative study of the Bertelsmann Foundation (Bertslsmann Stiftung) in 29 EU and OECD countries uses these criteria to demonstrate how capable the countries’s political systems are in dealing with the crisis.

The result: Greece has achieved top positions in the rating scales and is one of the surprisingly successful states in pandemic management and well-placed states. In the first places are Sweden, New Zealand and Germany. The worst places are occupied by Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Mexico.

Well-organized republics was far too resistant to the crisis of the pandemic than those which have a democratic deficit. Benefiting from a participatory management policy system that has predictability. Conversely, countries where democratic values ​​such as freedom of the press, civil rights, judicial independence was compromised before the pandemic, made alarming steps backwards during the pandemic. They also revealed the significant deficit in crisis management.

This is the result of research conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation to examine the resistances of democracy, the organizational management of the crisis, the resilience of the economy and the resilience of the welfare state during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. “A strong democracy and a well-organized state are proving to be the most important success factors in tackling the pandemic and its consequences,” said Christoph Schiller, head of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s research team.

New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland have the best performance on the issue of durability of democracy. Greece is in the eighth place among the 29 worst are Poland, Hungary and Turkey. In these countries, governments use the pandemic to curb civil rights lasting. They limited due to the pandemic in other countries but Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Portugal, Great Britain, etc. They were binding timetables for their rehabilitation.

Organizational crisis management is preceded by New Zealand, South Korea, and Sweden. Greece occupies the 9th place. The United States, which is in the last positions, before Mexico, Hungary and Poland, which are also last in the communication part of the crisis, had a poor performance in this regard.

Well-organized democracies are also strong in the economy and in the welfare state. Germany, with the widespread implementation of state-backed, reduced working hours to prevent layoffs was expected to be high on the economy’s ability to cope with the consequences in the first year of the pandemic.

Good performance also had Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark. In this part the Greece falls to 22nd place, with recent Turkey, Italy and Mexico.

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Correspondence – Berlin: George Pappas

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