Motor Oil: The largest offshore berth in operation


The largest offshore berth of Greece, Multi Buoy Mooring, both in terms of ship size and depth, started operating at Agios Theodoros, Corinth, at the Motor Oil refinery.

This is stated in today’s announcement of the group while it is added that this is a large investment, expanded efficiency that gives greater flexibility to the refinery and can serve oil tankers with a capacity of over 300,000 DWT (Suezmax).

In addition, the following are reported: “Motor Oil’s new Offshore Mooring is a landmark in the special port facilities in Greece and Europe and develops economic activity in the wider region. At the same time, it ensures maximum security, through passive and active systems, while at the same time minimizing the footprint in the environment. Security with modern and advanced systems is achieved through equipment with the most complete monitoring systems on the seven floating vessels, which are used to moor the ship. With these capabilities are provided wirelessly and in real time, from the land, continuous monitoring of the forces exerted on each cap of the boat and the possibility of releasing the boat with remote control. In addition, these modern systems have photovoltaic panels, wireless antenna, lighthouse, radar reflector for navigation and continuous monitoring of meteorological data.

Ensuring environmental upgrading is another achievement of the investment. The unloading of crude oil from the vessel is done through two special hoses, double wall, and through two submarine pipes are led to a land basin and the tanks of the refinery. The two 32-inch pipes are located at a depth of 3 meters below the bottom and are protected by an outer cover and cement layers, while the natural surface of the bottom has been restored to its original form “.  

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