European Loyalty: Successful annual monitoring for ISO 50001


THE European Faith successfully completed the annual surveillance regarding the template ISO 50001: 2011, which was carried out by the recognized body TÜV NORD and concerns the system maintained by the Company regarding the energy management.

This system certifies that the company operates in a sustainable way, saving resources and through this model contributes to environmental and climate protection, but at the same time benefits from energy savings.

With the completion of the annual surveillance, European Credit succeeds, among other things, in being the first insurance company to receive this certification, to maintain the appropriate energy policy and to identify the needs, identifying opportunities for improvement.
In addition, the energy management system applied by the Company enables it to set objective goals regarding the efficient use of energy, but also to maintain an organizational structure adapted to the efficient management of energy resources in general.

By establishing good energy management practices, European Loyalty reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces energy security risks and establishes a framework for reducing the energy costs of its operation, making a practical and substantial contribution to the global climate change effort. .

The internationally recognized standard ISO 50001: 2011 is another reward for the strategic planning of A.E.G.A. European Faith, which is fully in line with International Standards, European Directives, Best Sustainable Development Practices and constantly strives to respond to the needs of the environment and society.  

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