Thessaloniki – Tax consolidation: What deadlines are extended due to interruption of electronic applications


The shutdown of some applications due to tax consolidation, proceeds to Independent Public Revenue Authority.
As announced, in order to further upgrade the operation of the Tax Administration, and in order to provide better service to taxpayers, the implementation of the restructuring plan of the Public Financial Services (DOY) continues.

Specifically, from 24.01.2022, the Tax Office is consolidated. THE Thessaloniki with the Tax Office Kalamaria, with the first being transferred to the second and the Tax Office remaining. Kalamaria.
This means that on 20, 21 and 24.01.2022 the said D.O.Y. will be closed to the public and from Tuesday, January 25, 2022, the transactions of the taxpayers, who are subject to the Tax Authorities. these will be held at the Tax Office. Kalamarias, located at 110 Ethnikis Antistasis Street, in Finikas, Thessaloniki.
For the taxpayers who are subject to the above Tax Offices:
Νονται The deadlines for submission of periodicals, VAT clearance declarations, recapitulative statements of intra-Community acquisitions and deliveries and INTRASTAT declarations are extended, provided that their VAT number ends in a digit, the expiration of which coincides with the day that the specific Tax Authorities remained closed, until the working day of the reopening of the Tax Office. for the public. This is followed per working day by the expiration of the deadlines of the taxpayers whose AFM ends in the next digits above.
● The deadlines for the submission of all other declarations and payment of taxes, contributions and fees that expire on the day that the competent for the submission of D.O.Y. remained closed until the working day of their reopening.
. The deadline for the payment of the certified debts to the said Tax Authorities is extended, during the last working day of the month in which they are made (according to KEDE) overdue until the first working day of their re-opening.
In addition, for the taxpayers of the aforementioned Tax Offices:
● It will not be possible to finalize the Income Tax returns of Individuals of tax years 2015-2020, Foreign Exchange Contribution n.4111 / 13 of tax year 2020, as well as the completion of the settlement of declarations E9 years 2014-2020, from Wednesday 19.01.2022 time 23:00 to Monday 24.01.2022 at 12:00.
Υπο The submission of an application for debt settlement of the above Tax Authorities. as well as the payment of these debts by using payment cards in the personalized information of myAADE, will not be available from Thursday 20.01.2022 at 10:00 a.m. until Monday 24.01.2022 at 12:00.
Μη Registry changes through myAADE concerning the above Tax Offices. will not be possible from Thursday 20.01.2022 at 10:00 a.m. until Monday 24.01.2022 at 12:00.

Finally, for all taxpayers:

● The submission of VAT returns. and VIES summary tables will not be available on Thursday 20.01.2022 between 10: 00-17: 00.

Reportage: Costas Tsavalos  

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