Loading for his adventure with the coronavirus: “You are close to the ICU, you are in a more difficult situation”


New Democracy MP Filippos Fortomas spoke about his adventure with a coronavirus where he even had to be intubated while he had given two doses of the vaccine

The MP told SKAI TV that he was recovering after 16 days of hospitalization and that his adventure had a happy ending due to the vaccine, although he had not had time to take three doses.

“I did not have time to take the third dose. I did AstraZeneca “ said characteristically and added:

«I was stuck before December 25th so I stayed home with some symptoms. On the fourth day of illness, Sunday, I had severe symptoms of shortness of breath and on Monday I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Consulting the doctor I went to the hospital and was treated. »

Mr. Fortomas was found in a single bed for two days, but after a severe drop in oxygen he had to enter the ICU.

“It simply came to our notice then. I stayed intubated for one day, but I stayed in the ICU for two days. I stayed in the hospital for another 12 days. We are talking about a complete suppression of the organism. ” and then described his experience in the ICU «You see the other patients. You realize how close you are to more difficult situations. »

“There are patients who are still intubated and suffering because they did not have a vaccine.” stressed.

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