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50% of women who had COVID-19 gave birth normally – Newborns were negative for the virus.

Fifty-five interest rate deliveries were found at the First University Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Papageorgiou, which were positive for Covid-19 from the beginning of the pandemic until September 2021, and 50% of them gave birth normally, while there were no cases of neonatal from coronavirus.

The study

The above data emerge from an article entitled ““Pregnancy management in the pandemic”, of Themistoklis Mikos, associate professor, Anastasios Hatziangelou, curator A ‘, Evangelia Saranti, midwife, head of the Delivery Room and Grigoris Gribizis, professor, which was published in the magazine “Debt of Life” of the hospital Pa.

«From the beginning of the pandemic until September 2021, ie for a period of 18 months, 2070 women were examined in the Covid-19 Briefs of the Obstetrics-Gynecology Clinic, of which 1511 were pregnant and 559 were facing various gynecological problems. Admissions amounted to 1003 and 89 pregnant women were diagnosed positive. During this period, 55 births took place at positive interest rates. 50% gave birth normally. Three pregnant were hospitalized with a severe coronavirus infection and had to be intubated and remain in Intensive Care Unit to support. In both of these cases, the condition was extremely critical and patients had to undergo a caesarean section and give birth to a very premature baby. All three pregnant women intubated left the ICU and were discharged in good condition. The third patient completed her pregnancy after being discharged from the hospital. There were no cases of neonates contracting Covid-19», say the authors of the article, while emphasizing everythingwhat “although all human resources do their best for the best outcome of incidents, vaccination is the most powerful weapon to reduce the frequency of serious incidents”.

It is noted that since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, the First University Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic has been a Covid Obstetrics Reference Clinic for Thessaloniki and northern Greece, while the movement and initial management of all suspected and confirmed obstetricians – gynecological cases Covid-19 is processed at the Short Gynecology Clinic, which is hosted at the site of the former Nephrology Clinic.

Also, as the authors of the article explain, the initial prediction of patients is made in Gynecology / Obstetrics or in the Emergency Department by the midwife. Molecular test (PCR) for the new coronavirus is performed on each patient who comes for examination. Patients / interest rates remain and are treated in the Short Clinic until the test result is issued.

If the result is positive, the interest rates remain in the Short Clinic until their delivery, while all other cases are transferred to the Covid-1 Clinic. In case the delivery should be completed (normal or by caesarean section) or in cases of emergency gynecological surgery, the patient is transferred to the Short surgery, which has been specially designed to provide neonatal support.

Delivery, caesarean section or any other positive event surgery is performed in a Surgery room of the Short-Term Surgery that has been configured and equipped for corresponding surgeries, while newborns born to positive mothers in Covid-19 are closely monitored at the Clinic.

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