The 24 bonuses that increase again from the 1st of May


The increase of 24 allowances granted today by the state, is triggered by the new increase of the minimum wage that will take effect from May 1.

The specific bonuses are linked to the current minimum wage and any change in the calculation basis automatically affects them.

According to leaks from the government, the minimum wage will reach their level 700 euros on the 1st of May, from 663 euros that is today. To do this, the government indirectly bypasses the process of adjusting the minimum wage and will impose its opinion on the social partners, setting the rate of change in advance.

That is, it should SEV, which has already appealed since 2019, for the abolition of the salary increase due to the three years, not only to renounce his claim, but also to accept one new increase in the minimum wage by about 37 euros per month.

The procedure for adjusting the minimum wage, as defined by the legislation, provides for the submission of substantiated proposals by bodies including the Bank of Greece, the National Statistical Authority, the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), the Labor Institute of GSEE / ADEDY (INE − GSEE), the Institute IME − GS. Ε.Β.Ε.Ε., το Institute for Industrial and Economic Research (IOBE), the Institute of SETE (INSETE), the Center for Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), the Mediation and Arbitration Organization (OMED), the Institute of Commerce and Services of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (IN. EM.Y.).

The specific bodies will compile report on the evaluation of the current legislated minimum wage and salary with estimates for their adaptation to current economic conditions.

Their suggestions are submitted to the Minister of Labor, until April, who will decide the amount of the minimum wage adjustment, which will take effect from 1 May 2022.

Which bonuses are increasing

Because the minimum wage is the basis for calculating a series of benefits, with its adjustment, the beneficiaries of these benefits will also benefit.
According to the list of the Ministry of Labor, the list of 24 bonuses which will increase again from May are the following:

  • Unemployment benefit,
  • Work suspension,
  • Long-term unemployed,
  • Special seasonal,
  • Special allowance after the end of the unemployment subsidy,
  • Special allowance after a three-month stay in the OAED registers,
  • Special assistance to those who have served a custodial sentence,
  • Insolvency of the employer,
  • Availability,
  • Providing maternity protection,
  • Apprenticeship,
  • TEI trainee students,
  • Internship for students of tourism education schools,
  • Special subsidizer for skinners,
  • Special supplementary unemployment benefit for unloaders,
  • Unemployment subsidy for tour guides,
  • Unemployment subsidy for nurses,
  • Subsidy due to unemployment of foresters,
  • Unemployment subsidy for resin collectors,
  • Unemployment benefit for insured persons t. ETAP-SME,
  • Unemployment benefit for OAEE insured persons,
  • Unemployment benefit for EBRD insured persons,
  • Permission to participate in exams for students, pupils, students who are employees,
  • Employment programs.

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