Moderna talks about the end of the pandemic in 2022


Moderna co-founder Noubar Afeyan spoke about a possible end to the pandemic in 2022

With the Homeric mutation spreading very quickly The co-founder of Moderna stressed that all countries should be in vigilance. However, many countries seem to be treating Covid as an endemic disease, such as flu.

THE World Health Organisation in turn emphasizes that it is too early for such a thing, with the cases increasing.

Noubar Afeyan in interview on Bloomberg TV said: “2022 may be the year in which the pandemic enters an endemic phase, but it depends on developments and decisions made around the world. “Although Omicron is highly contagious, on the other hand, it has less of an impact on the severity of the disease.”.

For vaccine of Moderna for Ομικρον he said: “We will be ready with our tests starting in weeks. “Whether we need a boost in the spring instead of the fall is something we will have to work with officials around the world to solve.”

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