Iran nuclear program: Tehran-IAEA meetings positive


Talks on rescuing his deal Iranian nuclear program 2015 are moving forward, a senior European Union official said today, adding that several major issues remain open for an agreement on the final text.

“My impression is that we are simply moving forward with the logic of the negotiations,” he said when asked if the EU, which is chairing the talks, was optimistic about the position of the new Iranian negotiating team.

“That’s probably why our European friends see the Iranian delegation as more open,” he said, adding that seven or eight points remained open to reach an agreement and that these were “very big political points.”

Meanwhile in Tehran, the Iranian website Nournews reported that Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had positive meetings in Vienna, adding that details of the outcome of these talks would be announced soon.

“As discussions on Iran’s nuclear program continue, constructive consultations are taking place between the agency and Iranian officials in Vienna,” Nournews, which is affiliated with Iran’s Supreme Security Council, reported.

“Details will be announced soon.”  

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