USA: Most of the 43 patients with the Omicron mutation were vaccinated – They have mild symptoms


Most of the 43 cases of the Omicron mutation that have been identified in the United States to date have been in fully vaccinated humans.

In fact, a third of them had taken the booster dose, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the CDC, of ​​the 43 patients with Omicron, 34 were fully vaccinated. Fourteen of them had taken the booster dose, but for the five of them, less than 14 days had passed since their vaccination, so that they were fully protected.

Although the numbers are very small, there are growing concerns that existing vaccines for Covid-19 may not fully protect against the highly contagious new variant. Omicron has been located in 22 states so far. The 25 cases concern people aged 18-39 and 14 had traveled abroad. Six had been infected with Covid-19 in the past.

Most patients experience mild symptoms such as cough, runny nose and fatigue. One was hospitalized for two days. Other symptoms, which were not reported very often, were nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, diarrhea, numbness and tingling. According to the CDC, symptoms are expected to be milder in vaccinated and sick people.  

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